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Why we do what we do

Our Why

Our mission is rooted in a deep commitment to conscious capitalism. It's not just a philosophy to us, it's the foundation of how we operate. We intentionally partner with service-based entrepreneurs who are not only looking to grow their businesses but are also committed to making a positive impact on the world.

We believe in simplifying business growth, making it easier for you to stay focused on what you do best.

Why do we do what we do? Because we're convinced that business can be a force for good. By aligning with business owners who share our values, we aim to foster an ecosystem where businesses thrive not just financially, but also in their contributions to a better world.

This commitment to conscious capitalism is at the heart of every strategy we offer and every partnership we build.

Our Mission

Our core mission

We are committed to empowering over 1,000 entrepreneurs to not only reach but exceed their business goals while making substantial positive contributions to their communities and the world at large.

We aim to lead by example in the realm of conscious capitalism, demonstrating that it's possible to scale businesses sustainably and ethically. Our mission is to create a ripple effect of positive change by fostering a global network of service-based entrepreneurs who are equipped to positively manage the challenges of the modern world.

Through continuous innovation, education, and collaboration, we will expand our reach, refine our strategies, and deepen our impact, ensuring that every entrepreneur we work with is positioned to thrive in their zone of genius.

Our commitment over the next five years is not just to growth but to meaningful progress, setting new standards in the industry for success that benefits all.

In our company, we lead by our values:

Our Core Values

  • Family First: We understand that life is a juggle, and we believe that family and personal time aren’t just important—they’re everything. As an extension of your family, we’re here to support that balance, ensuring that work complements a well-lived life, rather than consuming it.

  • Freedom: We believe in the power of entrepreneurship to unlock true freedom—flexibility in how we work, creativity in what we create, and autonomy in our decisions. Our work helps to craft legacies of freedom, for ourselves and for the communities we serve.

  • Prosperity: For us, prosperity goes beyond financial success. It encompasses ongoing personal development and enabling our clients to make a meaningful impact. Our focus is on generating value that benefits everyone, fostering a shared sense of achievement.

  • Trust: We believe in empowering our team, and giving them the freedom to manage their work without the constraints of traditional oversight. This trust is built on the foundation of integrity, being impeccable with our word which is not just expected, it's a way of life. We believe in each other's commitment to do the right thing, every time.

  • Respect: Treat everyone like a real friend. In our world, everyone’s insights and differences aren't just welcomed, they're celebrated. Listening, understanding, and valuing each other is how we roll, creating a place where everyone feels like they truly belong.

See what our clients have to say

"I can't recommend enough..."

Patty Dominguez is the real deal. She gets in my head of what I want to do for my business and makes it happen… I cannot recommend Patty enough…”

Dr. Elizabeth L.

"I have more control over my time, I am more focused."

“It has been life changing working with you… I have more control over my time, I am more focused."

Yelena K.

"Thank you for making my dreams come true..."

thank you for making my dreams come true…you always have the strategy to help get me there…”

Sonia R.

"Highest recommendation…"

Highest recommendation…whatever Patty is offering make a run for it, it will change your life”

Dr. Jeri A.

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